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Stabilized head with zoom-focus support dedicated for the cinematography cameras up to 20 kg/44 lb. Working smoothly in wireless/cabled version. It can be successfully used in many different applications, such as: cranes, cars, boats, ATV quads and many others.

The Head has been designed and built by experienced team of engineers, specializing in the drone gimbals production since 2010.

The Head can also work in different weather conditions in temperatures from -10 up to +50 Celsius, what makes it a perfect option for projects in even the most challenging weather conditions. 

  1. Weight including top and bottom camera plate (w/o battery): 12.2 kg
  2. Maximum payload 20kg/44lb [1]
  3. Camera cage internal dimensions: 315mm x 309mm x 381mm (Height x Width x Depth)
  4. Hollow shafts in all axis (tilt, roll, pan) make wires routing easy.
  5. Pan axis hollow shaft allows to pass fibre/triax connector of 23.5mm diameter
  6. Voltage: 22-25.3V 10.000-30.000mah battery (6S lipo recommended) or 24V DC power supply
  7. Quick and easy tool-less balancing in each axis
  8. Built-in AHRS with GPS prevents horizon drift for automotive shots [2]
  9. IMU (gyroscope and accelerometer), 3 absolute encoders on each axis and 32bit main processor are responsible for fast reaction to any external factors disturbance (like car shakes, crane shakes, etc.).
  10. Axis working range:
  • Tilt: +90/-140
  • Roll: +60/-60
  • Pan: continuous 360
  1. 4 direct drive brushless motors with encoders are responsible for high torque and speed of movement.
  2. Fixed stabilization (always pointing one direction)
  3. Built-in voltage regulators to power external devices (camera, follow focus, wireless vision, etc.):
  • 1x 12V/10A (D-tap connector)
  • 2x 12V/5A (D-tap connector)
  • 1x 5v/4A (D-tap connector)
  1. Reinforced aluminum 6061 T6 and carbon fiber composite construction allows to get best quality stabilization even in the hardest terrain and weather conditions.
  2. 2 seconds boot time.
  3. Safety motors switch.
  4. Lock mechanism on tilt and roll axis for easier balancing and setup.
  5. Internal wires routing helps in operation and initial camera setup.
  6. Camera bridge plate with dovetail plate included.
  7. Pan axis Mitchell mount allows to mount the head almost on any rig (telescopic-cranes, speed dollies, shock absorbers).
  8. Underslung and overslung mode supported.
  9. Transporting cage included.
  10. Remote controller supports wireless control over head and CAN cable control over head and zoom and focus of new and old Canon and Fujinon broadcast lenses (12pin and 20pin connector).
  11. Wireless radio range: 200-500m (open space)
  12. Radio frequency and power: 868mHz/25mW
  13. Remote controller functions:
  • 3 axis high precision hall sensor joystick to control tilt, roll an pan axis
  • Joystick speed adjustment
  • Joystick “smooth start-stop” adjustment
  • Motors start/stop
  • Boot sequence restart
  • Tilt/Pan joystick revers
  • Camera profiles switch (5 different profiles for different camera weights)
  • Motors strength
  • Stabilization gain
  • Tilt and roll axis home position switch
  • Canon/Fujinon broadcast lens zoom control
  • Canon/Fujinon broadcast lens focus control
  • Zoom speed
  • Focus speed, focus range (low and high position)
  1. Applications:
  • Telescopic cranes (Scorpio, Supertechno, Moviebird, etc.)
  • Fixed cranes
  • Speed dolly
  • Tripods
  • Camera cars
  • ATV
  • Many other… [3]

[1] For high speed dynamic shoots it is advised to use payload not heavier than 15kg and maximum length of 62-65cm.

[2] Not required for studio shots (technocrane, fixedcrane, dolly) with speed less then 7m/s

[3] Broadcast type of applications allows to get best stabilisation performance with almost all variety of broadcast cameras with maximum zoom length. Stabilisation performance in automotive type of applications depends on absorbing systems, terrain, camera-lens weight and lens focal length.


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